About This Book

From the beginning of time, Satan's primary strategy has been to divide the brothers. From Cain and Abel, to Joseph to David, and to Jesus Himself, the devil has sought to divide and destroy the brother from walking together thereby destroying destinies and nations.

In a generation where everyone is looking for a spiritual father or mother, we believe that there is a gift standing right in front of you: a true brother and sister.

If we continue on the path of isolation, competition, and jealousy among each other, we will continue to witness the continual fall among our leaders, our marriages, and our relationships.

This book is a call from two men who have gone through the awkward journey of breaking through superficiality in God and in friendship and have come through on the other side with something rare, yet something that we believe God is calling His people to: The Fellowship of the Burning Heart.

The days of increasing glory and shaking are coming to the nations and the plastic realities that we've cultivated are about to be exposed.

With an urgency in our hearts, we appeal to you, brothers and sisters, to open your heart to God and ask Him to bind you to those of like spirit in God and in friendship.

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