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Corey Russell
Corey Russell

Corey Russell’s passion and pursuit is to awaken and inspire prayer across the earth. He and his family served at the International House of Prayer for 18 years teaching, and discipling students in prayer. He recently moved to Dallas, TX to join The Upper Room Church, and also travels nationally and internationally preaching on themes of Knowledge of God, Intercession, and the Forerunner Ministry. He has written 5 books and released 4 Prayer CD’s. He resides in Dallas, TX with his wife, Dana and their 3 daughters.

Courses Included with Purchase

Fall 2022: Teach Us To Pray
A Guided Course to Deepen Your Prayer Life
Corey Russell
Psalm 132
The Vow That Changed History
Corey Russell
Apostolic Prayers
Learn How to Pray the Prayers of the Bible
Corey Russell
The Beauty Realm
Studies in Revelation 4-5
Corey Russell
7 Letters
What God is Saying to the Church Today
Corey Russell
The Story
God's Plan to Restore the Earth
Corey Russell
Discipleship Through Beholding
Corey Russell
Winter 2022: Teach Us To Pray
A Guided Course to Deepen Your Prayer Life
Corey Russell
Jesus, Our Bridegroom, King & Judge
Mike Bickle
John 13-17
Preparing for Great Glory & Trouble
Corey Russell
The Gift of Tears
Corey Russell
Summer 2021: Teach Us To Pray
Beholding Christ the Intercessor
Corey Russell
The Journey
Growing in Spiritual Maturity as Seen Through the Song of Solomon
Jennifer Roberts
Discovering the Man Behind the End Time Plan
Corey Russell
Becoming A Voice That Shapes History
Corey Russell
A Guide To Why We Fast
Corey Russell
How To Pray Through Suffering
Corey Russell
Abiding in Christ
The Key To Prevailing Prayer
Corey Russell
Studies in the Life of David
Corey Russell
Let Heaven Come
Corey Russell
Fall 2020 // 40 Days: Teach Us To Pray
A Guided Course to Deepen Your Prayer Life
Corey Russell
Pursuit of the Holy
How To Discover the Knowledge of God
Corey Russell
Sermon on the Mount
How to Love God Wholeheartedly
Gabrielle Nuñez
Book of Joel
How To Respond in Crisis
Corey Russell
How To Become A Shepherd After God's Heart
Corey Russell
The Fire Within
The Interior Life & the Power of Speaking in Tongues
Corey Russell
The Glory of an Intercessor
Discover How to Become an Intercessor and Change History with Jesus
Corey Russell
How To Build Your Spiritual Life
Corey Russell

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The cost of most individual courses is $79. By becoming a Member, you have access to ALL past and future courses for a fraction of the price, as long as you keep your membership active.
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If you want to access all the material we have for a low monthly fee, membership is a great option for you!
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Of course! You can cancel your membership at any time. Once you cancel your membership, you will lose access to the courses starting the following month. And if you decide to start up again, we would love to have you with us!
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No. Once you sign up for one of our memberships (monthly or yearly), the payments are automatically renewed. The moment you decide to cancel your membership, automatic payments will stop completely.
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All courses and material are copyrighted and protected under these laws and regulations. It is prohibited to record, distribute or reproduce this material, whether audio or video (including programs such as ZOOM).

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